Eminent Performance is an UTV-centric media company and parts manufacturer based out of Eminence, IN. We’ve done a little bit of everything from racing to trail riding, and from podcasting to video production.

Chad lives in Eminence, IN and has spent the better part of his life fabricating, building, and painting as a part of his families auto body shop, Majestic Auto. A longtime Motorsport enthusiast, Chad has years of experience with motorcycle drag racing and his consistent top of class finishes speak to his skillful and aggressive driving style. With 90 acres of family land that’s a mixture of woods and pasture, Chad is no stranger to off-road ATV and UTV driving  and over the past 31 years he’s honed his driving skills in single event races and group rides all over the Midwest.

Doug lives in Martinsville, IN and has spent most of his life in IT related fields. Also a longtime Motorsport enthusiast, Doug has more experience on the pavement than in the dirt. His longtime friendship with Chad, however, means that riding hard in the woods is nothing new to him either. Doug’s ability to quickly size up a situation makes him a solid choice as co-driver and the duo’s natural chemistry serves them well whether racing or recording.