Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 39

Episode 39 – We’re coming up on another MWXC race weekend, as well as some well deserved vacations for both of us (especially Chad, because he’s grumpy). We talk about the upcoming MWXC race, the Lucas Oil short course league, and the Southern Rock Racing Series knockout style races. If you like racing, this is the episode for you!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 37

Episode 37 – It’s a historic day at Eminent Performance: Chad and Doug both managed to finish a race! We also throw out our opinion on the ultimate race UTV, compare the Polaris General and the Yamaha Wolverine, and once again manage to offend a major UTV manufacturer. Chad also mixes in some terrible trivia. It’s back to business as usual!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 36

Episode 36 – Brimstone Special Part 2: Chad, Steve, and Cody take over the podcast during their trip to Brimstone. Steve confesses to having a man crush on Travis Pastrana, Chad sees if the guys are any better at trivia than Doug normally is, and Cody wonders what he got himself into.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 35

Episode 35 – Brimstone Special Part 1: Chad made it back from the White Knuckle Event at Brimstone in one piece, and more importantly, so did the RZR! We also had the amazing opportunity to spend a few minutes with Travis Pastrana and Greg Love, who were kind enough to take a few minutes out of their busy schedule to talk with us. Don’t forget to come back next week for Part 2!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 33

Episode 33 – We have another MWXC race coming up, Chad gets quizzed for a change, and we now have EWOT apparel for sale! We probably talk about some other stuff as well.  It’s all kind of a blur honestly. Apparel can be found at teespring.com/eminent-waste-of-time

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 32

Episode 32 – Chad and Doug do some impromptu racing when a couple of friends need last minute co-drivers. Chad almost finishes the race, Doug doesn’t even come close. Also, Doug powers through adverse conditions for the team and Chad recounts how he came into this world.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 31

Episode 31 – We are joined by Pro UTV driver Steve Mueller as we recount our race experience at MWXC round 3, talk about the benefits of Polaris Ride Command, and discuss the pros and cons of a race series allowing 2-way radios during UTV events. We also put Steve on the hot seat during trivia and Chad eats some more questionable food.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 30

We’ve reached our admittedly meager 30 episode goal! To celebrate, we mixed aimless rambling about various unrelated topics with strong opinions about where we would spend money we don’t have. We somehow manage to pick up a new sponsor. There’s also trivia, Stupid Stuff with Chad, and we go over by 15 minutes because Doug didn’t watch the clock very well. In other words, business as usual.