Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 71

Episode 71 – Doug takes a wrong turn on the way to the EP studios and somehow ends up in Africa, but that won’t stop us from our weekly duty – bringing you the best of the UTV world! This time we cover the ongoing King of the Hammers, show off Chad’s finished roll off system, and discuss the idea of a race series not paying you unless you have their sticker on your UTV.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 70

Banquet season is finally over, Chad butchers his new helmet, how to get music in your ride, and more info on the Honda Talon from the guys over at SxS Blog. What more could you want on a Tuesday?

Here’s a link to the full SxS Blog Talon review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu2pktzhfO0

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 69

Braving single digit Indiana winter temperatures, we bring you a variety of time wasting topics today! This time around, we talk about the Midwest SxS pseudo-banquet, the unfortunate loss of Baja legend “Pistol” Pete Sohren, and what it would take for you to change brand loyalty and get a different machine. And, as an added bonus, Doug was actually right about something!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 68

Episode 68 – It’s banquet season! A time when we reflect on the past year of racing. A time to gather together and commune with our race buddies. A time time remember that there’s only 45 days until race season and we should probably get our machines ready! On this episode we talk banquets, local racer prep, new helmets, and how to jump your UTV (the right way).

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 66

Episode 66 – Happy New Year from Eminent Performance! We finally reveal some details about “Racer in a Wreck” (which has a real name now), talk about some upcoming riding, and in general look forward to 2019. A shorter, lighter content show than normal, we at Eminent Performance wish you the happiest of New Years!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 65

Episode 65 – What would Christmas be without some EWOT in your stocking? We had the pleasure of talking with Cody from CW Motorsports about what we all hope Santa brings us UTV enthusiasts in 2019. Chad comes through with some Christmas trivia, and as a special gift to you, we only take up half as much of your life as we usually do.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 64

Episode 64 – We’re back to our usual format – just Chad and Doug spending way too much time on simple subjects. This time, we introduce our new title sponsor, which NA UTV we think is the best, and spend quite a bit of time on our tech tip of the week – maintenance.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 63

Episode 63 – For this episode we decided to try something different: we turned on both microphones! Joined in studio by Barry Miller and Devin Smith, we talk about the recent PRI show, their plans for the 2019 season, and a few other spur of the moment topics that distracted us from what we actually had on the list of things we wanted to talk about. Business as usual at the EWOT studios!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 62

Episode 62 – New studio, new problems! Doug forgets to turn on Chad’s mic, resulting in a sub-optimal recording. That doesn’t stop us, however, from having a great first episode of our second season. We get to spend some time in studio with Cody and Matt as we talk about the new Honda Talon and Evolution Powersports’ new 348 wheel horsepower X3 monster.