Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 79

Episode 79 – We seem to be going for a solo host theme, so this time Chad takes the wheel and brings you some live racing action from MWXC round 2. Later in the show, Steve Mueller joins in and talks with Chad about the MWXC race as well as his thoughts on the new Honda Talon. Meanwhile, somewhere in Missouri, Doug has yet another RV adventure.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 77

Episode 77 – UTV racing has been a little quiet this past week, but there’s still plenty of action out there. We cover the final results of SXS Motor Sports Chasing the Triple Round 1, talk about the Honda Talon drag race videos that have popped up on the internet, and do an extended Tech Tip of the Week segment.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 76

Episode 76 – Doug returns from Laos with treasures to share, Chad does some travelling of his own, and racing season is finally going in full swing! We cover some of the happenings from AXCC, IXCR, MWXC, and GNCC, bringing you highlights of how some of our local racers fared in their series of choice.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 75

Episode 75 – The first rounds of AXCC and IXCR are in the books, but we don’t talk about any of that on this show. With Chad on the road at AXCC and Doug overseas again we decided to record this episode ahead of time and give you a preview of things to come. Don’t worry though, we’ll cover round 1 in the next show, as well as action from MWXC as well. 2019 is off and going, and we couldn’t be more excited!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 74

Episode 74 – Surprise! We’ve got back to back Andy episodes for you! This time we have Andy Bridgewater, owner of the MWXC series, on-board to let you know what’s new for the 2019 season. We also have Sam Woodrow, the new MWXC announcer, introduce himself and fill us in on some of his background. Also, as an added bonus, we had a power failure right before the show that required us to fire up the generator, and the audio recording from the sound board got messed up so we had to use our backup from the camera. Good times as always at the EP studios!

If you’d like more info about the MWXC series, just hop on over to http://www.midwestxc.com or find them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/118773764803287/

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 73

Episode 73 – With only 2 weeks remaining until the start of the 2019 UTV racing season, we are joined by Andy Kyner, owner of the new AXCC racing series that’s been creating quite a stir since the demise of GNCC UTV racing. Also joining us is Pro-AM UTV racer Steve Mueller, who is in the final stages of preparation for his 2019 campaign. No trivia, no Stupid Stuff with Chad, this episode is jam packed with AXCC info and behind the scenes insight, as well as a special announcement about the location of the Championship Round 7.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 72

Episode 72 – With Doug still traveling for work Chad had to have someone to keep him inline so we made Cody from CW Motorsports come over and keep an eye on him. In this episode they talk about how CW Motorsports got started, Neck braces and of course Cody’s favoriteā€¦TRIVIA!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 71

Episode 71 – Doug takes a wrong turn on the way to the EP studios and somehow ends up in Africa, but that won’t stop us from our weekly duty – bringing you the best of the UTV world! This time we cover the ongoing King of the Hammers, show off Chad’s finished roll off system, and discuss the idea of a race series not paying you unless you have their sticker on your UTV.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 70

Banquet season is finally over, Chad butchers his new helmet, how to get music in your ride, and more info on the Honda Talon from the guys over at SxS Blog. What more could you want on a Tuesday?

Here’s a link to the full SxS Blog Talon review video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gu2pktzhfO0