Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 56

Episode 56 – Fresh off the race track from the last UTV event of the MWXC 2018 series, we take a deep dive into the final race and reveal the 2018 Overall Points Champion! There’s also some rumblings about a new ATV/UTV series that’ll be launching in 2019, and while there’s not much info right now, we bring you what we know. This is also the last show before Chad heads to Ironman and Doug heads to hang with the Southern Mud Riderz, and despite months of prep, neither one feels prepared…which is par for the course for the EP crew.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 55

Episode 55 – The 2018 Midwest SxS season has come to an end. We discuss the grand finale with guest Steve Mueller, Chad reveals his racing strategy for GNCC, Courtney Walker makes us some awesome T-Shirts, and we even have a surprise guest at the tail end of the show.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 54

Episode 54 – The end is near! Well, of the racing season anyway. We cover the last upcoming rounds of MWXC and Midwest SxS, talk about a promising young driver named Gregory Sharp, and introduce a new show segment aimed at helping you get the most out of your UTV. Oh yeah, we also pull back the veil on some plans for 2019 that we’ve been teasing for several weeks. Listen in to find out!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 53

Episode 53 – Live from Steve Mueller studios, it’s EWOT Episode 53! We decided to record this episode on scene at MWXC Round 10 – Hunt Creek Madness right after the conclusion of the UTV race. We were able to spend some time with Barry Miller, Mike Plank, Steve Mueller, and Jason Bannon, getting their recollections of this race and what they have planned for next year.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 52

Episode 52 – Another MWXC race weekend is upon us and Steve Mueller will be on the line to defend his overall points lead. Chad has plans to give the CW Motorsports “Pink Buggy” another go at GNCC Ironman. Yamaha releases details on the revamped 2019 YXZ 1000R and their new 10 year belt warranty for their CVT driven ATVs and UTVs.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 51

Episode 51 – We’re finally back to our “normal” format and location, in front of Chad’s fridge. That’s going to change soon though! This week we reminisce about the recent Midwest SxS race and meeting Monster Jam driver Brianna Mahon, talk more in depth about the Polaris 2019 lineup, and update you on the progress of EWOT’s new home.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 50

Episode 50 – Once again we find ourselves at CW Motorsports, home of every RZR part you can imagine. Steve Mueller and Cody Willenborg have a friendly competition going to see who can appear on the podcast more often. Like Thanos, we prefer all things to be in balance, so we decided to have them both on at the same time. We had a plan for this episode, but that plan went right out the window when Steve and Cody decided to take over the show and interview us instead.

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 49

Episode 49 – The interviews just keep rolling! This time we drove out to Effingham, IL to talk with CW Motorsports owner Cody Willenborg. CW Motorsports is, as Cody calls it, 5 businesses in one, so we figured we’d peel back the layers of this particular onion and give you, our faithful listeners, the inside scoop.  Make sure you listen to this entire episode for a special surprise from Cody!

Eminent Waste of Time – Episode 48

Episode 48 – We seem to be in the interview mode lately, so we thought “Why not keep going!” This week we traveled to Illinois to meet up with Kevin Spangler, owner of Spangs Fab, and see what he’s up to in his shop. The conversation ranges from racing, to fabricating, to trail riding, and ends up where it normally does – Chad doing something less-than-smart.